Tuesday, February 27, 2007

John Roberts as a Humanoid-Lizard

Mukasey fainting in front of the Federalists, and him a former judge. Oh what swine.

Chief Justice Suffers Seizure; Roberts Is Fine, Spokeswoman Says, Robert Barnes and Michael D. Shear, Washington Post, Tuesday, July 31, 2007; Page A01.
ROCKPORT, Maine, July 30 -- Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. was rushed to a hospital here Monday afternoon after suffering a seizure at his summer island home, a Supreme Court spokeswoman said.... [end citation].

That is a lizardine precursor. A humanoid lizard indicator; a long and bizarre journey in research from Japanese industrial espionage into issues of subservience. The Roberts/Mukasey match with others reputed to be powerful in the lizard faction isn't exact, but it is interesting.

Shot in Chicago apparently on Saturday 04 Aug 2007 - roughly commensurate to the Roberts' "seizure" in Maine - this is the most recent photo sequence available emphasizing the throat/neck condition.

Meetings with the humanoid lizard figure are known to take place in the Spring - World Bank Meeting - and right before the Senate goes into recess in August.

Published I think around the time of his confirmation hearing, I BELIEVE a photo of 'Roberts similarly emphasizing the throat condition' exists, and of course I am trying to find it. That would be a way they show affiliation, suggesting media is used as an internal communication mechanism.

Photo in The Examiner 07 August 2007; Weekly World News - companion to the Anthrax-attacked National Enquirer - bit the dust, and it looks like they're moving the concepts into the lower end of mainstream media.

Subject: Hyoid Bone: More on humanoid lizard figures...

Revising what I circulated on Capital Hill this morning, it looks like John Roberts may be a lizard, based on:

1. the first seizure in January 1993 as Geo. H.W. Bush was leaving office and Roberts was stuck on base, nominated but not confirmed to Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, and

2. the second seizure across the 'Lizard Speaks With Congress at the Start of August Recess' meeting weekend [Roberts in Maine perhaps protesting his own absence - making a scene].

John Roberts apparently wants to be recognized as more of a humanoid-lizard than they're crediting him as being. Note Geo. W. Bush had to threaten the Senate to seat him [Sep 20 2005], and the Senate is pissed.

Biden is a lizard [has reptilian-enhanced capacities], and got knocked out of the 1988 race in September of 1987 probably in a CIA trap, with George H.W. Bush going on to win.
He - Biden - was then out, conceptually with an aneurysm, from February to September 1988. That may have been done to keep him out of the vice presidential slot, but it is also possible the 7 months reflects an issue in lizard brain engineering.

I ultimately think the lizard brain migration - going to a third lobe in the current generation of politicians - is or anyway was undertaken by growing it in the adult human AT LEAST in the 1980s, though experimentation probably took place in children for a future generation.

The big deal in humanoid-lizard development may be the hyoid bone [from the tcc.edu/faculty/webpages/mmitchell/142/devel3.htm]. Human Embryo - approximately 28-30 somites or 28 days - about 5 mm long. The first 3 Pharyngeal Arches are now visible (eventually there will be 5) - these are visible in all vertebrate embryos. Long ago referred to as "gill slits", because in fish they give rise to the gills and other structures [ ], in mammals they give rise to: the auditory ossicles, much of the mandible, nerves of the neck, the hyoid bone, the thymus, etc....

Pls circulate madly/broadly.

Can you imagine getting email like that from more than just me!?! Anyway, it looks like there are AT LEAST two meetings a year with the Lizard Ambassador - once in the Spring for World Bank issues [John Perkins and his alleged Confessions of an Economic Hitman looks increasingly like a disinformation effort] and once in the beginning of August as Congress goes to recess.

This may be the ultimate Alien interface - Allard Lowenstein placing Mugabe in Rhodesia to bring famine to Africa AFTER the Spring World Bank meeting in 1979, and Allard Lowenstein inducing AIDS in Africa with the explosion of the nuclear warhead or neutron bomb in the southern Indian Ocean AFTER the August recess meeting 1979.

Lauren Gross suggests Lowenstein was increasingly disillusioned and growing away from the CIA in the late 1970s, which may be why they let Dennis Sweeney shoot him if not kill him. Lowenstein did have strong ties to Israel, Zionism, and the Mossad, potentially including the KKMOUNTAIN designator [the Jews and Allard Lowenstein may have had Idi Amin killed all the Christians finishing up in April 1979 immediately before Lowenstein placed Mugabe in May-June 1979 which is certain].

The problem with the theory is that it does not allow for Jewish racketeering at the interface which they certainly undertake. It - the theory - is not perfect, and it fails to take into account other communication mechanisms - observation or whatever; people placed in critical positions like Roberts - beyond meetings.

Nonetheless it does establish an expectation that 'formal' or 'sit down with agenda' meetings take place, and that the lizard interests have some influence in the World Bank.

In turn that raises additional questions: Beyond the World Bank the UN, or do they not screw around and just follow the money? If they follow the money, how about through the Bank of International Settlements - is it possible to settle Darfur without ever committing troops on the ground?
How about the Council on Foreign Relations or the [Bildenberg -sp? Group], which would obviously allow for more private or non-governmental interactions. Did the Council on Foreign Relations decide to trash the New York Senate race in 2006 which made Hillary a candidate in 2008 - its possible the governmental and non-governmental interactions could even represent an ultimate alien interface to the extent they are essentially unregulated.

Justice Breyer/Whitey Bulger; the CIA Boston executive office set up in the District of Columbia. How bad is it really?
Placing Gerald Ford required taking down [in sequence] Spiro Agnew, J.Edgar Hoover, and Richard Nixon, never mind the more recent Rowland/Rell~McGreevey/Codey CIA domestic regime change effort 2004 or conradburned/Allen attacked/cumulative scandal effort to throw control of the legislative branch in the election 2006.

Was Breyer in on ALL of that? As the driving executive? Probably not. Sharing awareness? Almost certainly. 'Tar baby' Romney is and was swine, but now its McCain as well, and that sounds like a Breyer-type 'ultimately rational' concept or mechanism for extending effectivity. On the other hand, Breyer-counterpart in the Boston CIA Whitey Bulger only had a thing for young girls. His work was mostly bringing mobsters into the CIA franchise authority which is what they wanted him to do.

Bulger has a brother [William] who just got pensioned off as head of UMass. Breyer has a brother who is a federal judge. Which do you fear?

He is their executioner; make no mistake about it. In ‘private practice’ John Roberts argued three ‘pairs of cases’ before the Supreme Court which I suspect trace to CIA advocacies and overview designators he was associate with in the Reagan White House and George H. W. Bush administration:

1. Restricting freedoms of choice in health care/insurance law in Adams and Rush Prudential HMO,

2. coal mining and what I believe to be CIA interest in the domestic industry - maybe bankrupting domestic industry - which can be seen in Eastern Associated Coal Corp. and Barnhart, and –

3. Alaska. Is it possible the CIA has an Alaskan advocacy of some kind or designator showing that state to be attractive to the CIA – unfortunately for Alaskans, in the interest of imposing government restrictions on them? Those two cases are Alaska and Smith.

There recently was a rash of underground mining accidents famously starting in Sago, West Virginia [like CIA-avian flu, underground mining accidents proved contagious, frequently deadly, and there isn’t a proven antidote yet], and some guy once peripherally associated with the JFK assassination moved a bunch of children into the wilderness and took to driving a bulldozer around a national park, claiming to preserve a right-of-way in Alaska.

John Roberts won the Alaska cases, he split the insurance cases [actually he won for the CIA both times], and he conceptually ‘lost’ the coal cases though in fact I suspect the CIA considered those two to have been victories. Did the CIA’s ‘perception of outcome’ – as opposed to ‘the client’s’ understanding of what a win or a loss would be, which might in turn be layered if the CIA had people in the corporate structure of Roberts's clients – impact Roberts compensation [at what was then his conceptually private employer].

John Roberts is well mannered, soft spoken and even pleasant – characteristics which served him well as an attorney, but either ‘luring the prey into the trap’ or letting them stray in Adams with the court shutting the door on them [if it was as innocent as that] – don’t mistake that for ‘nice.’ In Chicago construction we called that ‘dumb like a fox’– Roberts received a reprimand written into the ‘per curiam’ opinion but far from penalized he both delivered for the client and went on to be made Chief Justice.

The fashionable sit around at summer dinner parties, with 'responsible voices' urging essentially the status quo - "Well, there may be an element of truth to it blah blah blah." No, that's only the tip of the iceberg.

People have claimed sotto voce that Roberts is a ‘good man’ and they’ve referenced God in the discussion and the whole bit – Jesuits slaughtered the Mexicans and by all accounts make very good lawyers. Really how bad is it? I think the CIA affiliation continued after John Roberts took the bench – first thing he heard as a Supreme Court Justice was Oregon suicide law and I don’t think that was coincidence. Somewhat humorous maybe, but not coincidence - the famously conservative jurist decided they can’t use FDA regulated prescription drugs in undertaking voter-supported assisted suicide in Oregon; lethal injection for murder is as peaceful and dignified as going to sleep, but somebody trying to end extreme pain and suffering has to clamber over the hand rail of a bridge. Not to say that’s his fault – perhaps as the laws are written the FDA has too much power in regulating drugs. I’ve heard Senators take LSD to mitigate exposure to electro-magnetic radiation and that’s not legal unless they consider it endlessly ‘experimental’; anyway, what really is the big enchilada.
John Roberts – corruption; how far could it possibly go? Lujan v. Defenders of Wildlife, 504 U.S. 555 (1992) with John G. Roberts as Deputy Principal Solicitor General is the big enchilada. One woman traveled to Egypt and felt crocodile habitat would be imperiled – distressing her – by American work on the Aswan High Dam [without providing a comparison to possible Russian or French contractors, or at least the opinion doesn’t discuss such a survey were it in the filings], and another woman traveled to Sri Lanka. .....When [the second woman] was asked at a subsequent deposition if and when she had any plans to return to Sri Lanka, she reiterated that “I intend to go back to Sri Lanka,” but confessed she had no currant plans: “I don’t know [when]. There is a civil war going on right now. I don’t know. Not next year, I will say. In the future.” Citations omitted.
Please note neither of the women were Angelina Jolie.

CIA knocked down McGreevy [New Jersey] and Rowland [Connecticut] for Codey and Rell, as Tenet left and Goss took over in 2004 - CIA maximizes effectivity and they adroitly exploited the opportunity in that transition; Lujan is one of the cases the Assistant United States Attorneys will cut and paste in their response if you as a citizen try to stop them. Taxpayers Watchdog, the one about government conspiracies [Best v. Kelly] blah blah blah but end of the day, two women claiming to love wildlife – one tentatively planning a return to Sri Lanka – is what permits the CIA to game against the governor of New Jersey. Its all right to admit that always sounded asinine to you. Well, if that is the worst, how far has the corruption spread – how far is Ginsburg, and the ‘Ginsburg precedent’ [not answering questions at the confirmation hearing so the Senators look ridiculous] into it. Other asinine things – the Indian mascot issue for instance – originated well before her confirmation; Over the Dartmouth green 2 sides wage war of symbols, Doug Cumming, Providence Journal Apr 13 1986 – “.....their central symbol is the Indian mascot that the administration banned in the 1970s....” is an early citation on the subject. What caught my eye was Arizonans For Official English et al v. Arizona, 520 U.S. 43 (1997), the opinion immediately previous to John Roberts's Adams. In 1988 Arizona tried to make English the official language, opposed by a state employee who spoke English and Spanish, but the woman then quit. End of the day, June is the month for cleaning out the court. Now is when the justices resign. Four step down. Don’t make a big deal out of it–media coverage can be “dampened”; there were some problems that are being addressed and they felt they should resign. Purge the CIA. Now.

Insurance fraud is a big deal when the little guy does it – you can go to jail and stay a long time. Turns out the CIA can do it with impunity – backed by the ex-Principal Deputy Solicitor General of the United States. This is egregious – force him – them, the 'CIA gang of four’ on the high court – out. June. Now.
Adams et al v Robertson et al, 520 U.S. 83, March 3 1997. Respondent Robertson filed a class action in Alabama, alleging Respondent Liberty National Life Insurance Company had fraudulently encouraged its customers to exchange existing health insurance policies for new ones with less coverage. The trial court made him class representative and certified the class under Alabama Rules of Civil Procedure, which do not give class members the right to opt out of a class [perhaps one trait attracting the CIA to Alabama]. It then approved a settlement that precluded class members from individually suing Liberty National for fraud based on its exchange program. Petitioners, who had objected to the settlement in the trial court, appealed, and the State Supreme Court affirmed in an opinion addressing only state-law issues. Certiorari was granted on the question whether certification and settlement violated the Fourteenth Amendment’s Due Process Clause because class members could not opt out of the class or settlement......

PER CURIAM. .....The Alabama Supreme Court did not address this federal issue, and it is now apparent that petitioners have failed to establish that they properly presented the issue to that court. We therefore dismiss the writ as improvidently granted.

[At 520 U.S. 91] The only unusual consideration weighing in favor of reaching the question presented is that respondents [‘John G. Roberts, Jr., argued the cause and filed a brief for respondent Liberty National Life Insurance Company’] failed to raise a timely objection to our granting the petition for certiorari, on the ground that the question presented in that petition had not been properly raised or addressed. This Court’s Rule 15.2 “admonishe[s counsel] that they have an obligation to the Court to point out in the brief in opposition, and not later, any perceived misstatement” “of fact or law in the petition that bears on what issues properly would be before the Court if certiorari were granted.” Without minimizing this obligation, however, we find no interest here in penalizing the failure of counsel to comply with Rule 15.2 that overrides the interest of comity or the value to this Court of a fully developed factual and legal record upon which to base decisions.
Accordingly, we dismiss the writ of certiorari as improvidently granted.
It is so ordered.

Million dollar John Roberts made a mistake. BULL****. They wanted exactly the stamp of approval they got. Starting at 520 U.S. 84 a gorgeous list of corporations and states urged the court accept the State of Alabama’s procedural bar, and beyond strictly speaking ‘the litigation’ I’ve speculated about CIA ‘coalition building’ in the legal community. Originating in 1992 – the year of Hurricane Andrew, which, alleging CIA manipulation of the weather I call ‘the mother of subsequent insurance fraud’, curiam 1997, I suspect this particular case builds into a CIA designator for reshaping commercial interests and in particular insurance ‘rights’ or procedures.

Really this is just a true/false question – was John Roberts involved in CIA orchestration or gaming in the legal system or wasn’t he, and after that the degree to which his participation was knowing. Regulating our society surreptitiously – this guy was suppose to be the great conservative savior? Most cases seem to have resulted in victories for John Roberts and the CIA though the one – Rush Prudential – was Loss/Loss and my guess is that they would have liked to have a ‘win’ on that one. The three ‘Roberts loss / CIA win’ cases might be the most interesting; as noted I expect the CIA was in Feltner though I don’t understand their interest. Roberts sat on the court for a full term and you might have thought he’d have taken a moment to explain the situation to his colleagues. ‘Street indicators’ are that he did not.

To precisely answer that question - 'why did Roberts ever take the job' - he took it understanding the CIA was already on the Supreme Court.

SWINE ALITO; emergent on "Homeland Security." ARMY NATIONAL GUARD has a parallel structure for domestic surveillance and covert activity called HOME GUARD Security, which is run out of State Adjutant General's offices nationwide and at least is conceptually authorized by a Civil War-era statute.

Best or anyway most immediate I could find was in the United States Court of Claims, The State of West Virginia v The United States, decided Nov 21 1910, 45 CtCl 576, Call No. KF 125.C5C52 [pre-1982 revision to 'Claims Court' and renumbering] substantially defines home guard.
Howry, J. delivered the opinion of the Court. The fundamental idea running through the legislation on the subject is that state militia can only be paid [by the federal government] when subject to federal authority.... This, under the law, excluded the home guards.
With previous citations to law beginning
Feb 28 1795 ch 36 vol 1 p 424
Apr 20 1818 ch 84 vol 3 p 444
Mar 19 1836 ch 44 vol 5 p 7
Jul 29 1861 ch 25 vol 12 p 282
Jul 17 1862 ch 201 vol 12 p 597

Supreme Court justices Roberts and Alito designed the warrant-less surveillance activity during their time in the Reagan White House/administration BUT NOTE when they did that they specifically shielded or limited the liability of the federal government; perhaps more literally it was 'attractive to them' because there is a pivot on the participants at least conceptually being paid and acting under state rather than federal authority.

'Alien Tort Claims Act' as Title 28 or 28 USC 1350 cited in the recent Laura Gonzalez-Vera et al v. Kissinger, [02-cv-02240] 05-5017 Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia decided June 09 2006 [volume page and number pending] was another ancient statute that got revived in the same late 1980s-early 1990s time period, and I suspect the liberals sold their souls and your civil rights for an ephemeral dream concept of world justice - which did not ultimately pan out in court after great fanfare.

Bad John: Rulings for the CIA on the bench
How often can you read CIA in the Court’s opinions? Using the Washington Post as a helpful signpost, quite often. SOS to Tim Kaine, editorial July 10 2006, page A16. On the argument that Latin Americans should be granted access to embassy people under the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations. Buried in a footnote of the opinion by Chief Justice John G. Roberts are facts that – at least from the point of view of justice – are far more important to the case than any question of consular access: Mr. Bustillo “presented newly acquired evidence that tended to cast doubt on his conviction. Most notably, he produced a secretly recorded videotape in which Sirena [an unknown gang member Bustillo accused of being the real murderer in a soap opera trial] admitted killing Merry and stated that Bustillo had been wrongly convicted.” For it turns out Sirena does exist [after the nasty prosecutors had belittled the idea]. His name is Julio Osorto. What’s more, police stopped him in the vicinity of the crime the night of the killing[!] and – according to police reports not given to the defense[!!] – he had ketchup-like stains on his clothing at the time[!!!]. Honduran immigration records confirm that he returned to Honduras the precise day the defense contended at trial[!!!!].

So its the old “ketchup-like stain on the clothes-Honduran immigration” routine. What is that – the consolation prize, at the bottom of the page with the 'Yes on Bilingual Ballots' editorial at the top? As advanced by your $771.67 dollar per share Washington Post, off a high for the past year of $900? Queue the ‘Stooges’ music; Larry, Curly and Moe take to the Virginia courtroom at the invitation of the CIA in Langley. Certainly a new low for John Roberts, and the degree of specificity in the footnote leads me to suggest he was in on it. Paltry. Paltry. This is so sad.

What’s the best we can do. Guy with a straw hat in front of Union Station handing out a daily newsletter – how effective is that? Oh I think I’m going to win. You’re not going to do anything but send in the clowns? July Sixers Get the Cake; Canadian Gets the Crumbs, Dana Milbank, Washington Sketch, Washington Post July 07 2006 on Bush publicly humiliating Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. “For the Americans, it was a bit of harmless fun. For the Canadians, it was another reminder of how little interest the Americans have in them.” Not at all – it was another public characterization of Bush as swine, and unless something is done about it the CIA Council on Foreign Relations Illuminati Zionist Scottish Rite puppet masters behind Bush [who meet at the hotel in Belgium] will expect the next president to behave the same way. We can do better.

Going in to October with five justices – are people kicking around a name which can be confirmed without controversy?

I think the CIA should be entirely disbanded – collaborators drawn back to their home organizations and the rest incorporated into the regular State Department. Under Condi Rice who dresses out of Matrix, travels out of Mad Max, and is met by sumo wrestlers at Narita Airport in Chiba Prefecture outside Tokyo. With some attrition.

His name, his boss, his phone number in what appears to be his handwriting [from his files]. AT that meeting they tried to develop a legal justification - AFTER that meeting they simply lied. AWARENESS DID NOT TRANSLATE INTO ACTION - the Senate confirmed him anyway - but I appreciate your passing this on [scanned documents from the Roberts' files at the Nat'l Archives].

HAMILTON complained about the National Security Council providing illegal help to the Contras, and late the next afternoon Chief Justice John Roberts was in a meeting with POINDEXTER and NORTH developing legal strategy [helpful date stamp on the letter suggesting the White House had received it].
John Roberts reemerges with the GEJDENSON inquiry [different Congressman asking about Contra drug smuggling] but does not immediately act in it though he knew the accusation was true; in stalling Roberts gained time until Adler Berriman SEAL, bulk shipment drug hauler for the Central Intelligence Agency, was murdered outside a Salvation Army halfway house in Baton Rouge following which he [Roberts] recommended evading the GEJDENSON inquiry ['drug smuggling for the Contras' issue] in having the Justice Department answer GEJDENSON saying they were aware of accusations but lacked proof.

May 21 1984 to Fred Fielding from John Roberts on Testimony by Oliver Revell concerning Narcotics Abuse and Control -- May 22 1984 (FBI testimony for Rangel hearing), the National Narcotic Border Interdiction System is noted by Roberts. Revell is widely considered to be significantly 'CIA associated acting within the FBI' and the border issue is significant in the Barry Seal drug hauling. SEA SPRAY was one designator associated with surveillance, interdiction and air traffic control [or lack thereof] crossing agency boundaries in the mid-1980s.

SCREAMER was an operation busting and 'turning' drug smugglers conceptually including Seal in 1981, though some evidence suggests he had been identified and actually established in the business by the CIA in 1977, with the agency providing ties to a distribution network allegedly headed by Carlos Bustamante in Miami [a series of Times Picayune articles written by Dan Bennett following Seal's death Feb 19 1986, beginning with 3 held in death of drug witness, Feb 21 1986, followed by John Pope, Drug dealer's estate at heart of IRS battle, March 28, and Judge upholds seizure of drug dealer's estate, Mar 29 1986].

CASH FLOW was an operation initiated in early 1983 with all DEA offices overseas conducting surveys on related money movement [immediate testimony focusing on Southeast Asia and heroin, Roberts August 6 1984 reviewing testimony of Special Agent Richard J. Mangay, Financial and Intelligence Section, Drug Enforcement Administration to be given week of Sep 24 84 before the President's Commission on Organized Crime]. My notes are not clear on whether Seal's May 1984 trip to Washington D.C. and meeting with the vice president's task force on organized crime [Bennett, Times Picayune] came before or after Revell's testimony for the Rangel hearing [that probably is discernable in the Revell statement - at the time it had not occurred to me to look] but ...'the commission was impressed. "Once he began cooperating he was the finest - candid, intelligent, and willing to put himself in dangerous situations," said Donald J. Campbell, former chief of the Organized Crime Task Force in Las Vegas.... ...."He [Seal] admitted he flew about 50 cocaine smuggling missions between 1981 and 1983".....' [both citations in Bennett].

Luttig and John Roberts are good friends.

The gang of them.

2 top candidates for Supreme Court share long history, Jan Crawford Greenburg, Chicago Tribune, Jun. 25 2005 [web]. “He [Luttig] still has close ties to Tyler [Texas], though he visits infrequently. He suffered a devastating loss in 1994, when his father was killed in a carjacking in the driveway of his Tyler home by a group of teenagers and his mother was left for dead. Roberts flew out the week after the slaying to be with Luttig, along with many other friends” and “WASHINGTON – (KRT) – When Mike Luttig stood up as a groomsman in John Roberts wedding here nine years ago, more than a few people could have predicted they again would someday be sharing the spotlight.”

Similar Appeal; Different Styles, Charles Lane and Jerry Markon, Washington Post, July 17 2005.
“.... even though both judges are conservative – and close friends – they present a distinctly different choice in style....” Also, Roberts “worked as a special assistant to U.S. Attorney General William French Smith and as an aide to White House counsel Fred Fielding -- who also mentored Luttig – during the Reagan administration.” Was Roberts an element in setting up Beazley?

Mining permit ruling tossed; Federal appeals court reinstates removal process. Larry O’Dell, The Charleston Gazette, Nov 24 2005, page 1A. A federal appeals court on Wednesday reinstated streamlined permitting for mountaintop removal coal mines in West Virginia.... the Nationwide Permit 21 process [ ] is intended for activities that cause no more than minimal environmental damage. “The corps identified a category of activities, it determined that those activities would have a minimal environmental impact both separately and cumulatively, and it provided notice and opportunity for public hearing before issuing the permit,” Judge J. Michael Luttig wrote.
Recusals keep same judges on most mine cases, Ken Ward Jr., Sunday Gazette-Mail, Charleston W.V., Sep 25 2005 page 3B. Privately, environmentalists have grumbled before.... How could they possibly have such bad luck a third time in a row? Appeals court panels are suppose to be drawn randomly. The chances are about 1 in 10,000 that the same two judges would end up on the same panel three cases in a row.....

Three people brought the issue to the Court of Appeals, defying odds of 10,000 to one Mike Luttig participated in all three cases, and he's left the bench. Roberts argued coal twice, Eastern Associated Coal Corp v. United Mine Workers and Jo Anne Barnhart, Commissioner of Social Security v. Bellaire Corporation, and it looks like the CIA won both times. I don’t think Eastern Associated was really a case for the Supreme Court to begin with, and a significant aspect of understanding that paradigm would include looking at how those cases were selected to be heard.

NEWS: The John DeCamp/Noreen Gosch/Ted Gunderson consortium also associated a judge named Richard Kopf with shielding on the Larry King child molesting issues in Nebraska. Prior to the election in 2004, Kopf struck down the prohibition on 3rd term abortions U.S. to appeal ruling against abortion ban, Washington in Brief, Washington Post, September 29 2004, page A6, The Justice Department said yesterday it will appeal a Nebraska judge's ruling striking down the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act. U.S. District Court Judge Richard Kopf declared the ban unconstitutional Sept. 8, saying it interferes with the right to an abortion and fails to allow exceptions when a woman's health is in danger... similar to J. Michael Luttig in the 4th Circuit [though no one has suggested Kopf exactly used the 'super-stare decisis' reasoning or verbiage].

The ultimate in CIA Supreme Court corruption.
The CIA doesn't want to write its own opinions -
it wants the justices to write its opinions
and we may be starting to see that.
Earl Warren murdered his own father or had it done; Warren Burger molested boys in the Supreme Court building. Now it looks like the duplicitous Roberts is serving as a conduit; 'alien crazy in Arizona' defined by the Souter.
States are not forced to have an insanity plea and I think three don't - knowing how the CIA racketeers in it I oppose it entirely and argue for sentencing guidelines.

Gallaudet Student Tormented By Visions [Washington Post], February 2001. Joseph M. Mesa Jr., taking the stand in his own defense yesterday, described a life haunted by visions of hands in black leather gloves that deliver violent commands in sign language and specifically instructed him to kill two classmates at Gallaudet University..... [parallels might represent a CIA advocacy beyond the killing in Arizona. CBS, Confession in Gallaudet Murders, Feb 14 2001].

Happier news. Beazley takes down Bush - 'racketeering in death' spills the president.

Name one thing his father did as director of Central Intelligence. George H. W. Bush broke the moratorium on the death penalty originating in Furman v. Georgia using Gary Gilmore in Utah. Name one thing George W. did as 'head Texan.' Killed a lot of convicts; the problem is the CIA Capital Punishment Advocacy.

Particularly asinine. Most people actually do support capital punishment, at least for some crimes and under extreme circumstances. Electrocution, hanging, gas and firing squad - once upon a time we were truly a diverse nation; gone now for the CIA lethal injection death process falling under - it's actually a key element of - their capital punishment advocacy. Corrupting state legislatures. Coaxing convicts to volunteer; orchestrating crimes to meet the death criteria, picking judges who will do their dirty work, stacking juries to make sure the pony trots the whole way home.

The CIA didn't have faith but felt compelled to stack the deck, and now Bush is busted.

Luttig went three-for-three on mountain top removal for coal mining and he's gone. Turns out John Roberts has also been significantly involved in coal mining cases which definitely had a CIA parameter - and CIA influence was probably a factor in the Supreme Court hearing one of them [Eastern Associated Coal Corp v. United Mine Workers] to begin with.

This ain't parking lot attendant at a fancy restaurant - why did Roberts ever take the job?

The really disturbing thing - the really outrageous and egregious thing - is that in September 2005, once they knew John Roberts was in on Iran Contra, I'm sure they asked if there was anything else - and he apparently said 'no' [there wasn't]
knowing damn well there was.

RINGSIDE: How we scored for the CIA 'New World Order' agenda.

First Options v. Kaplan [Roberts], 514 U.S. 938, Breyer [unanimous]: Roberts Win / CIA Win.

Adams v. Robertson [Roberts], 520 U.S. 83, Dismissed as improvidently granted: CIA WIN BIG; ROBERTS picks up written reprimand in the opinion and goes on to be Chief Justice.

Alaska [Roberts] v. Native Village of the Venetie Tribal Government, 522 U.S. 520 Thomas [unanimous],Roberts Win / CIA Win.

C. Elvin Feltner [Roberts] v. Columbia Pictures Television, 534 U.S. 1127, Thomas [Scalia concurring]: Roberts Win / I don’t know what the CIA position was but believe their involvement was near certain.

National Collegiate Athletic Association [Roberts] v. R.M. Smith, 525 U.S. 459 Ginsburg [unanimous]: Roberts Win / CIA Win.

Harold F. Rice v. Benjamin J. Cayetano, Governor of Hawaii [Roberts], 528 U.S. 495, Kennedy [divided]: Roberts LOSS/CIA WIN[?].

Eastern Associated Coal Corp. [Roberts] v. United Mine Workers District 17, 531 U.S. 57, Breyer [Scalia and Thomas concurring]: Roberts LOSS/CIA WIN[?]

TrafFix Devices Inc. [Roberts] v. Marketing Displays Inc., 532 U.S. 23 Kennedy [unanimous]: Roberts Win / CIA Win.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky [Roberts] v. Ella Williams, 534 U.S. 184 O’Conner [unanimous]: Roberts Win / CIA Win.

Tahoe-Sierra Preservation Council Inc. v. Tahoe Regional Planning Agency [Roberts], 535 U.S. 302 Stevens [divided]: Roberts Win / I thought this was a
‘CIA Win’
but could be wrong.

Rush Prudential HMO Inc. [Roberts] v. Debra C. Moran, 536 U.S. 355, Souter [divided]: Roberts Loss / CIA Loss.

Gonzaga University [Roberts] v. Doe, 536 U.S. 273 Rehnquist [divided]: Roberts Win / CIA Win.

Jo Anne B. Barnhart, Commissioner of Social Security [Roberts] v. Bellaire Corporation, 537 U.S. 149, Souter [divided]. Roberts LOSS / CIA WIN.

Delbert W. Smith and Bruce M. Botelho [Roberts] v. John Doe I et al, 538 U.S. 84 Kennedy [divided]: Roberts Win / CIA Win.

KEY. In theory win/win or loss/loss is fine, but a Roberts loss against a CIA win might reflect an attempt to throw the game. Three cases stand out that way:

Harold F. Rice v. Benjamin J. Cayetano, Governor of Hawaii [Roberts], 528 U.S. 495, Kennedy [divided].
Eastern Associated Coal Corp. [Roberts] v. United Mine Workers District 17, 531 U.S. 57, Breyer [Scalia and Thomas concurring].
Jo Anne B. Barnhart, Commissioner of Social Security [Roberts] v. Bellaire Corporation, 537 U.S. 149, Souter [divided].

SORRY. No grainy surveillance tape of a guy with a gun in a package store. These are ones you have to work yourself.

NOW ALITO: Attack Mechanisms and The CIA Effort to Keep the Court at Any Cost
Her Idea of Justice: Absolutely Not Alito, Confirmed Liberal Nan Aron Seeks Same, Marcia Davis, Washington Post Nov 9 2005. Nan Aron lost the fish [in her brick pond] this summer... While Aron and her allies were working long hours trying to defeat the confirmation of now Chief Justice John Roberts Jr., her fish disappeared.... Aron founded Alliance for Justice in 1979 and established its Judicial Selection Project in 1985. In the years since, she has built a reputation for never giving in. Ever......

What a bunch of crap that is – Roberts of the North/Poindexter IRAN CONTRA affiliation, who the liberal CIA structures virtually ushered into office. Four days of not merely listless but positively redundant hearings [could that have been done in one day?] because ‘word came down’ the guy was going to get in - though hopefully there was some cost associated with that, no thanks to turncoat cowardice on the left. National Archives closes late on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday nights – weren’t a lot of other people down there backtrailing the ‘official story’ of drug hauler Barry Seal out of Xeroxes in the Roberts’ files from the Reagan Library. Of course the CIA doesn’t want to hear about that – orders came down to avoid those files. So who are they kidding – after the dust settles the ‘recess appointment’ ‘Mark Felt as Deep Throat’ Washington Post produces the Martyrs of the Resistance for a consolation parade? EXACTLY.

Wasn’t the Aron article suppose to be reported to the Senate under Title 50 Section 401 et seq BEFORE it published and maybe prohibited as propaganda targeting the American people? All those lawyers the CIA has don’t just sit in Prettyman Courthouse misleading judges all day – somebody did a brief deciding the Aron interview and article did not violate Title 50 and they sent it to the Senate under a ‘media operation’ cover sheet a couple days in advance and got back a stamp or receipt number to refer to in future correspondence. ROUTINE. Aron actually had to reschedule twice because the Senate was out over Columbus Day - or Roberts and Rockefeller got brief calls at home and the Aron situation was mentioned between CIA dealings with the Iraqi resistance and a trivial cost overrun on a satellite program, or Aron didn’t rise to the level of Roberts and Rockefeller but those approvals are parceled out and two more junior Senators on the committee handle that – the article was front page [inner section] and significant in detail. Discussed her house and what was in the yard [brick fish pond] - Valerie Plame, undercover, sure its a tool for Bush and the CIA to use when they want to screw somebody but don’t go overboard. For the sake of the argument, supposing the CIA did have Senate permission under Title 50 like they were suppose to, what was the most appropriate thing they could do? Token opposition – Nan Aron starving her own fish.

It would be a scandal if the CIA liberals – the Senate can check and see who is and who isn’t, right? – who gets money, who gets placement, who gets access, right? - who held off on ‘Roberts with the CIA ties’ now haul off and maul Alito who doesn’t have the CIA ties. Word doesn’t come down with a fix for Alito so that poor son-of-a-gun is destroyed. The absence of the word to trigger the protection triggers the attack. PRESUMABLY those ADVERTISEMENTS, interviews and articles are now getting approved by the Select Committee on Intelligence – Senators burning the midnight oil with CIA briefs detailing the looming media campaign. Certainly the advertisements, right? Individual CIA field workers send in proposed contributions and Langley bundles them under the overview designator with associated cost codes and staffing – big spread sheet with some low level security associated with it for a limited classification period [however long it takes to confirm the guy] and then declassification in five years or review and reclassification every ten years. The CIA is not hurting on lawyers to do that, and they’ll have an ethics program with appropriate internal review and supervisor’s approval. They’ll apply for funding up front, right? Tip for seating Alito – deny the CIA the funding to attack him. Does the Senate view CIA entities self funding via contributions differently from CIA entities self funding via legacy CIA revenue sources? How can you see that money? The American people are going to say that once in on the structure or creation of the ‘conceptual nonprofit’ you own it, even if the CIA only provides seed money or support to start the venture and then steps back, trying to cut their cost while maintaining their influence or effectivity. You’re not going to let CIA-connected groups spend more attacking Alito than they spent attacking Roberts – Chief Justice – right? I claim you should get out of the business, and advocate disbanding the CIA – State Department calls home its own people [so there’s half of them], technical specialists in satellites are NRO or NSA, and military functions reside with the services and put their uniforms back on. And I’m the only game in town – nobody proposes half step reform. I’m sure there is a CIA contingency team coalescing – what token thing are we going to sacrifice if we aren’t able to brazen our way through this as we usually do. Codey is out in New Jersey, and we’re presumably days away from Rell and Granholm announcing they aren’t going to run for reelection. Not good enough. The overview designators and the independent funding structures have to be brought forward. They interpreted Hughes-Ryan as an accelerator and not an inhibition; they played Frank Church for a patsy in sucker bets. Clinton, spyplanes, the alert[s] 1992 and 1993 with the giveaway to the UN in 1996. I bet that somehow ties to the ongoing problems with Christians at the Air Force academy. All the young virgins plotting treason as the CIA moves its domestic headquarters to Colorado. Senate may face bigger problems, but can end this problem quicker.

My rant. Actually, it turns out Alito has CIA ties, having set up the quasi-legal 'statutory basis' for state-run HOME GUARD Security [domestic surveillance] mechanisms when he was in the Reagan administration. The point here is that the professional 'left' - the liberals - are sold out in CIA affiliation, which is a significant enabling device for the Agency but a menace to national security.

Alleging CIA involvement in the liberal opposition - conceptually the CIA budgets through Congress [right?], but their cover NGOs in the United States are probably are not fully funded anticipating public support - grants or donations [or is that not true – they are fully funded and simply turn donations over to the CIA]. Either way suppose budgeting falls short – will the project manager ‘do without’, put in for a supplemental, or turn to the CIA’s own internal revenue mechanisms. Liberal women, capable of rationalizing anything? Oh, they’ll cheerfully turn to the CIA’s own revenue mechanisms before they’ll do without, going after Alito with laundered drug money, funding pimped off low income housing in Lawndale [Chicago], or anything in between. QUESTION: Do they – or does a CIA accountant – line up the cash? Surprise ANSWER: They themselves go for 'exterior cash' - off the unions for example - but put in for a CIA supplemental or 'internal supplemental' whether or not it ever makes Capital Hill on serious overruns [we hear CIA accountants do it - the liberals don't get to 'poll' revenue sources and borrow from Peter to pay Paul. The ghost of Frank Quinn smiles].

Can somebody check voting on cases the Supreme Court decides to hear, and does it turn out Silberman’s votes [or votes of other senior judges assisting the Supreme Court] more-or-less coincided with Roberts’ involvement in cases before he [Roberts] was seated on the court?

Do they record those votes? Can you see CIA in the clerks who review the petitions?
I went to school with conservative talkshow host Laura Ingraham, and she was both a Supreme Court clerk and associated with the CIA but she's the only one I can immediately name, noting that as an appeals court judge Mike Luttig had something like 42 clerks and 40 of them went on to the Supreme Court [so-called "CLERK EXPRESS"].

This site is under construction - please check back in as work continues. Thanks!

I lost the 5 U.S.C. 552 litigation - Bestor v. FBI - in 2009, and the government essentially was able to "Glomarize" what cost me $3000 to get printed in The [Seattle] Stranger in 2001.

WHERE it all began. On the run, I published a series of advertisements in a weekly Seattle newspaper. The Stranger, July and August 2001 [immediately pre-9/11]. Those ads were picked up and put on the web; I now show them here to prevent their being erased but urge you go to the original transcripted site for the full flavor of it all [http://everything2.com/index.pl?node_id=1174019]

Spy Versus Spy

(idea) by Pseudo_Intellectual Mon Oct 08 2001 at 4:44:36

During my week-long visit to an unfamiliar city this August, I found myself with a lot of time on my hands that would ordinarily be filled with rote, reflexive noding and surfing. Instead I found myself both acutely sensitive to and aware of the strange wonder in the details of everyday things when removed from an everyday context. I also found myself leaping on free newspapers when they became available.
Due to a combination of those two factors, I picked up on something which I would have ordinarily skipped over altogether - a serial paid advertisement in The Stranger, Seattle's free alternative weekly... not proclaiming the virtues of a not-sold-in-stores New Age dietary supplement nor promoting an obscure band's underattended performance that weekend, but rather bringing information to the masses.

And what information it was! The fantastic text, gleaned from the July 19th and 26th issues (presumably part 1 was in the issue that came out on the 12th - I'd be delighted if someone could dig it up and transcribe it or mail me a photocopy) read kind of like The Eye of Argon of paranoid conspiracy theories, abandoning tired Elders of Zion / Lizard Men from Venus clichés in favour of the bold trailblazing of what will assuredly be the cliché of the future - insidious Japanese agents subjecting U.S. Nationals to electromagnetic radiation. (Gasp! Zounds!)

As far as I can tell, the basis for this theory is that the author suffered acute indigestion while travelling abroad; rather than drinking bottled water, he chose to believe the source of his problems to be microscopic neural implants in the human brain. Whatever. The important part is that somewhere this nutter got together the funds to broadcast his worries on four full pages of The Stranger (no small investment!), from there entertaining and delighting me during slow moments in a new place of wonder.

For your own enjoyment (and, uh, to inform and warn you of the global Japanese security mechanism threatening your bowel movements) I've typed up the torn pages I brought back with me (oddly, my only physical souvenirs from the trip). Stay vigilant and don't forget - have vision! (Idiosyncratic spelling, punctuation and sentence fragments have been maintained to preserve the feel of this dire warning.)


Spy Versus Spy

A View the Public Doesn't Usually Get
The Death of the American-Japanese Major Projects Agreement (MPA)
Part 2 of a Planned 4 Part Series

The largest project built under the MPA was initially called Dai Ni Kokuritsu Gekijo/2nd National Theater, but in 1996 the official name was changed to Shin Kokuritsu Gekijo/New National Theater. It is located a block or two west of the Tokyo Gas office towers in the Shinjuku section of Tokyo, which were designed by Kenzo Tange and are quite famous. The theater building is actually located in Shibuya-ku, but the other two buildings in the same development - Tokyo Opera City (TOC) and NTT World Headquarters - are in Shinjuku-ku.

As work progressed, it became evident the buildings in the development were designed to be built sequentially rather than simultaneously - work could not progress in an orderly fashion but h ad to hop scotch around waiting for the neighboring building s substructure to be completed, following which the TOC superstructure couldn t be erected until the NTT superstructure was largely complete. This fuelled speculation in the Japanese press that contractors had bribed Ministry of Construction and Gimento/Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) officials.

American Politics

1. George Bush the Elder (with Trade Rep. Carla Hill) signed the Major Projects Agreement (MPA) with the Japanese, and while I voted for him - and would again - I have to fault Mr. Bush (ex-head of the C.I.A.) for not realising the United States had absolutely no means of verifying implementation of the agreement. That is, independent of the major construction companies who had lobbied for the agreement, perhaps distorting congressional testimony and somewhat impacting American Foreign Policy. Ted Stevens, R., Alaska, may have insight into this. I do not, but believe an explicit agreement did exist -- senior company personnel in Japan tried to change industry standards by lobbying in the Japanese press (change from within), which went on until my situation totally deteriorated and the company was sold to the British, after which the MPA was allowed to expire.
2. The Clinton Administration (to include Walter Mondale, then U.S. Ambassador to Japan) did not neglect the emergent issues of harassment, intimidation, and electro-magnetic radiation - it may have been a coincidence of timing but Mickey Cantor had the telephones of Japanese trade reps in New York very publicly wiretapped right about the time I started getting badly radiated in Tokyo. Actually, I'd been getting radiated before that but the dates are blurry. If you ve never been radiated before it doesn t immediately occur to you that you re being deliberately radiated, and that the Japanese - many of whom are seemingly genuine friends - knowingly participate in a huge surveillance mechanism focused on monitoring and isolating you.
3. My life has definitely improved under George Bush the younger and Dick Cheney. It really was sick under Clinton induced vomiting and going to the doctor for blood tests and waiting for the white blood cell count to drop off. The Japanese radiate your bowels and you go from shitting solid to sitting on a toilet and passing black water in about eighteen hours. If so inclined they may leave you desperately squeezing out black kernels I think C.I.A. and state department recruiters definitely need to include this information in their pitch.
I still get radiated quite a bit not as much in the main part of the skull and chest but currently in the lymph glands underneath the arms. Preparation for cancer.
Please node, in retrospect it can be argued the cases which the Clinton administration pursued against big business - Archer Daniels Midland on fixing the corn syrup market, and Japanese construction companies on harassment, intimidation, and torture - came gift wrapped. The man from ADM walked into an F.B.I. office, and a friend of my mother s since Drew Seminary For Young Women, which they attended together in the 1930 s, has a daughter-in-law who happens to be a friend of Hillary Clinton s.
1. I am going to Washington D.C. to press the case against using children in espionage (beyond defensive purposes - mostly shielding) which the Japanese are famous for doing. I hope to meet Hillary Clinton, D., NY. She does represent New York -- perhaps we can go to the U.N. with this.
2. The Japanese public understands surveillance and wiretaps represent career restrictions for them, and I am hopeful this issue will be forced into the electoral process in Japan. The United States should consider offering witness protection to Japanese Nationals who sue their employers in American courts for civil rights violations which took place or are taking place in America.
I encourage America to take the Reagan Gamble. Have vision. We are in a position to blow the other guys out of the water. The Kokakoahn lin are absolutely evil, and are repressing the Japanese people with wiretapping and surveillance. They re fighting for their lives. Flood the C.I.A. with resources - we should read every single major publication in the world - in it s original language - every day.

Mr. Bestor was the American superintendant on the largest joint venture project built under the American-Japanese Major Projects Agreement (MPA.)

A View the Public Doesn't Usually Get
What the C.I.A. Agents Actually Do For A Living
Part 3 of a Planned 4 Part Series

In some ways my experiences in Japan from September 1992 to March, 1996 powerfully validate C.I.A. practices. I am still alive. Heavily radiated by the Japanese, but alive - at least for the present. And after that it's an F.B.I. Domestic Intelligence problem. In the mid-1980s, a journalist reported the C.I.A. offered coursework on how to put carry on baggage in overhead compartments on airplanes, and how to get it down again at the end of the flight. That coursework is the absolute bedrock of American foreign policy. That coursework is what extracts the shit from the fan - when you bail, it's the mechanics of how they get you out.


1. How long is that course - how many hours of instruction.
can give you seven ten to twelve hour days very easily. Half classroom, half gymnasium. The problem is that the C.I.A. has to train everybody for everything - they won't know beforehand exactly who will be standing exactly where as the attacks and counter attacks (feints and draws) unfold - when the dance begins
2. How many people take that block of instruction every year.
Along with missile launch codes, I suspect that number is a state secret the United States government will not willingly release. In recent years, has the number been going up or down. Still ssecret, but smart money says they're trying to give a truncated course and sell it as the real thing.
3. If you want to be big in intelligence analysis (not operations) what do you do.
Familiarize yourself with the airline reservation system. Initially war may wait in the wings, but in the end it comes on pretty quick. If the individual to be evacuated is running towards the airport, it's a pretty fair bet they have a passport but maybe not a ticket, or else an open ticket but not a reservation. That means somebody has to cover every probable flight in depth, and every possible flight to some extent.
I imagine somewhere C.I.A. agents sit like brokers on the New York stock exchange, staring at monitors and picking seats on flights - playing chess against opposition people who are picking seats for their people on the same flights. Somewhere the C.I.A. must keep an updated breakout of airline equipment lists - which planes airlines fly on which routes. Or it might be quicker for them to go back to the industry and ask somebody to make a couple phone calls.
To make a long story short, when they bust you free they put you up front on the aisle.

At the last minute, right before the doors closed, between fifteen and twenty young girls came running onto the airplane and took up every single available empty seat. Japanese girls out of Narita, and they were all flying stand by to Hawaii. Maybe they were.

The C.I.A. doesn't know exactly who is going to be exactly where when the dance begins. With luck - or, at least in my case - neither did the other guys. You're thinking it's going to be slick James Bond maneuvers. It isn't, it's eye signals and stupid hand gestures from the prison yard. How tough are you. Do you know. Perhaps you were in Viet Nam or something, and you do know. I'm forty to forty five minutes tough. And I'm proud of that. I didn't ust roll over. I held out. Then I freaked out. Then I found out I had another hour before shit was gonna hit.

A few hours out of Narita you're still a few hours away from Hawaii. If they jab you with a needle there's no place for the plane to go but I don't think they kill you, I think they put you into kidney failure. That's a hunch. You can call it the kidney failure zone, I call it the dead zone. I was in the first class galley area on a United 767. Half the crew was Japanese Kokakoahn lin, who wouldn't let me just sit in a toilet all night - I screwed up - I asked - and half the crew was American and powerless but sympathizing with me. I was debating about demanding to see the pilot again - that's what I did the first time I flipped out - the wolves were there, the writing was on the wall, and a young guy walked into the galley - he had a book, and he stood there reading for two and a half hours flying over the dead or failed kidney zone. The wolves turned on him and forgot about me.

Then they all looked real apologetic once we were down on the ground, like it was just a joke, and the man at the gate said "Welcome to Hawaii."

What I am telling you. Prepare before you go. Once you are in Japan it is too late. They have a huge surveillance mechanism, it is relentless, and they are waiting to fit you into it. Don't trust Japan.

Let's not get run over. Let's not just be taking what the other guys are selling. This is a time of peace and relative prosperity. People should not be getting radiated. Take the Reagan Gamble. Have vision. We are in a position to blow the other guys out of the water. The Kokakoahn lin are absolutely evil, and everybody knows it. They're fighting for their lives. Flood the C.I.A. with resources - we should read every single major publication in the world - in it's original language - every day. I admit I'm biased. I'm getting radiated and you're not.

A View the Public Doesn't Usually Get
Japan, Korea, and Taiwan Versus The United States
Part 4 of a Planned 4 Part Series

Concerning the Kokakoahn jin in Japan and the security services of Asian nations who have been persistent and remorselessly undermining United States policy and security in the United States and abroad:

I wish to address the issue of exposing people to electromagnetic radiation, in addition to the design, development, and use of microscopic implants in the human body and human brain. As well as other security issues.

I was the American superintendent on the Shin Kokuritsu Gekijo/New National Theater in Tokyo (1992-1996), which was the largest Japanese-American Joint Venture undertaken under the Major Projects Agreement (MPA). Largely related to corruption in Japanese politics, government, and business - I was repeatedly attacked with electro-magnetic radiation, and eventually evacuated Tokyo.

In one famous incident, an American citizen committed suicide in Tokyo by jumping from a balcony off a conference room in which he and his boss had been negotiating with Japanese businessmen. Virtually all authorities familiar with the issue agree that when directly applied to the human brbain, electromagnetic radiation causes a manic condition - the severity of which varies based on factors such as strength and duration. The sole source of contention in this case is the source of the electromagnetic radiation - the brain does create some electrivity naturally - and the argument essentially boils down to that individual's behaviour in America (presumably unradiated) versus behavior in Japan.

Anyway, I evacuated under fire in late March of '96 about three weeks before Clinton visited Tokyo. I then tried to do the same thing everybody used to try and do (now rendered superfluous by the implants), that is to hide, preferably in an obscure bureaucratic position somewhere, get married, and have children.

Instead, I was unmercifully radiated - in the United States. As this played out, a number of people were radiated. Outrageous as any incident would have been, this is not a one man, one time, one town issue. This is across the United States - six months in an apartment in Albuquerque NM, two and a half years at Boeing in Seattle (Kent, Redmond, West Seattle), a couple of months in Iowa City, Iowa, and across Europe. England, Scotland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, and France. Then another year back in Seattle (Kirkland, Sammamish) with a steel company. Many people - a huge security mechanism, coworkers, neighbors, family, and friends, many times, many places. This movement represents a flight pattern.

Inadvertently, my flight pattern across the United States and Europe illustrated a number of interesting points. Fluency in English, Japanese nationals aren't typically, totally fluent in English. Americans of Japanese ancestry have been involved in this. Let's not argue. The F.B.I. has hard data. Let's make sure our elected representatives have access to that data.

August 1999.

The following sequence in the flight pattern is important.

Evacuating England by ferry - having stayed the night in Newcastle - meant Norway had at least 36 but potentially 72 hours to mobilize for my arrival in that country, and they did. A railroad car full of Norwegian security personnel (and potentially some civilians) was - by civilian standards - relatively severely electromagnetically radiated traveling from Bergen to Oslo.

Depending on the state of communications between the Scandinavian countries (as pertaining to intelligence matters) Sweden should have had at least 72 hours to mobilize, possibly more, and in any case they did.

In Stockholm there is a wooden ship which sank several hundred years ago, only to be dredged up out of the harbor an enshrined in a concrete bunker which has thick walls and minimal windows. Many tourists in Stockholm go to see the ship, but refugees - such as myself - who are being electromagnetically radiated - go to see the concrete bunker.

I was electromagnetically radiated in the basement level men's room of that bunker, FOLLOWING WHICH the Swedes initiated maneuvers on the streets of Stockholm which were designed to test for implants, though the actual issue of implants was not raised until my return to the United States.

I am expecting questions will be raised abroad - does the Swedish Foreign Ministry notify government and opposition party members in the Swedish Parliament of emergent security issues - or whatever their process is - did they do it.

ONLY IN RETROSPECT, is it clear westerners on the streets of Tokyo were aware of the possibility of embeds in 1993 and 1994, though the Japanese probably did not put implants into my head until spring of 1995. They did put implants in my body in late 1993 or early 1994 - no later than May 1994. Presumably the operation putting embeds in my head was preformed at the best had trauma center in Tokyo by a highly trained and very experienced Japanese neurosurgeon with full operating and recovery room staff on a Friday night in early 1995.

According to my sources, two companies are just about tied in manufacturing the very best medical imaging equipment in the world. One of the companies is European - the other is American.

IF the Japanese use European imagine equipment in their head trauma units, or use American equipment sold without maintenance agreements, service agreements, periodic upgrades, or long term understanding, AND the medical staff and electrical engineers who developed the implant technology - particularly as related to the head - are Japanese nationals trained in Europe or elsewhere and are not Americans or Foreign nationals trained in the United States participating in Fellowship Programs for Postdoctoral Research in Japan, those particular battles will probably not be fought in the United States, and may escape the attention of the American media.

Heroes in Modern Japanese History

1. Shoichi Chibana - Operating alone, he confronted unchecked political power, and fought for all freedoms and human rights but particularly the freedoms of speech and expression. And suffered.
2. Tatsusaburo Suzuki and others, who showed in great detail how staff from the Japanese military and universities ran successful programs to develop atomic weapons during the war.
3. Whoever helped the C.I.A. characterize the implant technology.
The good news is that in fact the blind can see, the deaf can hear, and the dumb can speak - the bad news is that the Japanese government and security apparatus developed the technology for spying, torture, and general repression, and are willingly using it for those purposes.
What You Need To Know.

At the outside edge of the envelope, the C.I.A., F.B.I., the State Department, the whole bit - The United States of America acts to preserve life rather than protect freedom of speech. Not only do they do that, if pressed I suspect they will readily admit to doing that arguing the individual's freedom of speech was essentially overcome by events.

However inadvertently, my experience over the past nine years compellingly argue exactly the opposite.

Why this/why now - a series of paid advertisements in The Stranger. Because periodically I tried faxing letters to the editors of The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Chicago Tribune, etc., contacting a childhood acquaintance who was a commentator on Nightline but my phone calls weren't returned - apparently she'd moved to CNBC and I always just missed her. Is the media part of the problem, or has the media been silenced. It shouldn't be hard for experienced reporters to find this out. Somewhere between fifteen thousand and thirty thousand people have been protecting me for the past nine years. One of them had to have had a brother-in-law or cousin or old college roommate who is or was a reporter. It defies imagination.

In flight, July of 1999, I contacted the American Civil Liberties Union - DesMoines, Iowa, where they only answer the phone from 10:00 to noon on Tuesdays (something like that). To his credit, the man who answered the phone recognized the severity of the situation but couldn't turn it around quickly enough - it takes the ACLU six to eight weeks to decide whether or not to accept a case (which incidentally I think is unacceptable). He suggested I contact Chick Grassley, a seated United States Senator from Eastern Iowa, which I did do, meeting with people from Senator Grassley's office in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. To their credit, they also recognized the severity of the situation, but at that time where unable to get supporting data from the F.B.I.

Why this/why now. Many people find this incredibly counter initiative, but simply put Bush/Cheney are demonstratively doing much more to protect my freedom of speech than Clinton/Gore did. Not empathizing. Not wishing things were different. Protecting my freedom of speech. The Japanese surveillance mechanism so openly favored Gore in candidacy I have to believe they approached both candidates, and Gore/Leiberman acquiesced to continued repression and Bush/Cheney didn't.

Jim Lehr - possible the most respected news commentator in television history next to Walter Cronkite] - his brother Peter was head of the Lehr McGovern Bovis which came to include Schal Bovis and Bovis Asia Pacific. Upon taking over the company, Peter Lehr sent people to the Pacific, and there is simply no way those people could have remained in ignorance of this overall sequence of events. But perhaps the brothers have long been estranged or resolutely do not discuss business.

Undeniably, the Japanese have developed a huge security mechanism tha tfunctions very effectively worldwide.

They utilized technology that is highly developed but very simple to create. A car, a kitchen appliance, a system for monitoring implants in somebody's brain. Emitting electromagnetic radiation is relatively easy - it's the feedback. The feedback must expose the operators to fairly significant technical data - does a team of operators travel with me. I doubt it. I suspect they hand off equipment. It probably can be broken through the operators.

Operationally the Japanese Kokakoahn jin and security apparatus are not sly, smart, and skilled, but are very overt and easy to identify with the confidence of a high school football team that hasn't lost all season. I wasn't able to spill them, but it is possible. I suspect that given the opportunity, the Japanese medical community will be the first to start screaming, loud and long and clear. Nine Japanese neurosurgeons know what the tenth neurosurgeon did.

The Japanese public understands surveillance and wiretapping represent career restrictions for them, and I am hopeful this issue will be forced into the electoral process in Japan.

I encourage America to take the Reagan Gamble. Have vision. We are in a position to blow the other guys out of the water. The Kokakoahn Iin are absolutely evil, and are repressing the Japanese people with wiretapping and surveillance. They're fighting for their lives. Flood the C.I.A. with resources - we should read every single major publication in the world - in it's original language - every day.

Actually, The New England Journal of Medicine doesn't come out on a daily basis - weekly or monthly as applicable.

Finally, in the United States, fight espionage, harassment, torture and intimidation with R.I.C.O. - the racketeering statutes. You aren't looking for a single crime, you're looking for a pattern.

And thanks to all the good people who've tried to protect me, and screw all the bad people who've very deliberately inflicted physical pain - in addition to the harassment and surveillance - that has been going on for years.

Mr. Bestor was the American superintendent on the largest joint venture project built under the Major Projects Agreement. He is willing to review correspondance sent to him at 2536 Alki Ave. SW, #208, Seattle, WA 98116, SO LONG AS THE CORRESPONDENCE IS ALSO SENT TO Senator P. Murray, 915 Second, Seattle, WA., or any other seated United States Senator. Please include their name in your correspondence. The Federal Bureau of Invesigation has offices in 915 Second.

Project Engineer
Schal Bovis, Inc.
2-7-201 Ichigaya-tamachi
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan 162
Phone: (03)3267-7580 Fax: (03)3267-7628

This advertisement is freely available for reproduction exactly as written - I will not grant the luxury of distortion which translation affords.

--end 2001 advertisements--

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